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To endeavour in continuous improvement of quality of life of the marginalised sections of the community particularly women, children and socio-economic cultural underdogs and thereby build a society where people can aspire in realising their fullest potential.


Roti Kapada Aur Makan

vision-1 All wish to have Roti for survival, Kapada for living in society and Makan to live in. This is the basic dream of a Person who is Honest, Sincere and works hard.It gains Izzat in the society due to his Patience, Perseverance and Practices in life in due course of time.

Like all youngsters their age, these youngsters are a confused lot. They do not know what skills can help them in their future careers. SPA is guiding these youngsters with their career choices and is supporting their vocational training.

Adolescents Gaining Ground: For the young girls in the economically backward area to empower adolescents with the knowledge and capacity by giving proper education about their physical, sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing through a regular series of health and life-skill education sessions. The programme also focuses on enhancing employability skills of these poor girls through the provisions of vocational training of their choices and interests.

Our Approach

vision-2 Our approach is double aged: It recognises that in order to improve the Old-aged & Sick, Pregnant Women in pre & post pregnancy stage, Babies and Accident Victims health standard, its initiatives must target both care seekers and care providers.

It works at the community level to empower Women to be Catalysts of change in their own right and collaborate with existing public health systems and health care providers to create sustainable improvements in urban health.

Our Work
Care Seekers

Due to the effects of Globalisation, the DNA of our old culture and traditions of the society have been shaken and the youth are in pursuit of higher remunerations jumping the cities in India and Abroad, like a bird in the sky flies for food. The joint family lives have been broken into pieces and the old aged and sick couples are suffering at their houses without the care and love of their children.

Similarly, there is no one from family to look after a Pregnant Woman before and after pregnancy, Baby and Accident victims.

Care Providers

In spite of several schemes for empowerment and enhancement of skill for women by State and Central Government, the women are still suffering very badly because of paucity of funds and they are the victims of all sorts of tortures in the society.

It appears that the young girls feel that their lives are useless and they are burdens on their poor parents. The have been soft targets by the unsocial elements, those push them to hell of life. As a result of which there are imbalances in the society for
(a) Maternal & New born Health,
(b) Violence against Women and Children,
(c) Child Health and Nutrition,
(d) Sexual and Reproductive Health &
(e) Rape and Murder.


My wife has Undergone a major Spinal Surgery at the APPOLO , BBSR in Jan 2014 and post surgery. She was Bedridden and unable to move. In such a situation, SDPF came in to provide Home Nurshing and Patient care. I have been Utilising their services since Jan 14 till date.The Initial Periods When the Patient was not able to move the services of MS Sweety and MS Sathi were commendable , MS Sujata and MS Sumita too did well. They not only attend to the Patient's need but take care of the entire Household activities as if their own, giving no scope to complain.The girl in SDPF are properly trained and Psychologically prepaired to face any situation in an alien surrounding. Wish them Best of luck and bright future.
Mr Umakanta Acharya,Retd. Suptd. Engg, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar

1. Suchita Patient's Assistante is a Social Service Organisation, which has been rendering a yeoman's service in the field of geriatric care.
2. It is imperative to state that the Home Nurses provided by this organisation are not only well trained on the professional front, but also well groomed on social etiquettes and qualities like personal conduct, behavior and manners.
3. I must convey my utmost satisfaction and happiness at the services rendered by the Home Nurse provided by SPA to my father in the recent past. The Home Nurse worked with utmost dedication and devotion to a profound duty and profession such as geriatric care.
4. I wish SPA all the very bests for their future endeavors in this direction. Sh Subodh Chandra Mishra deserves special commendation for his selfless dedication and relentless efforts in providing comfort and care to the people of our society
Col SK Dash, Kalinga Vihar, Bhubanewar

I am extremely happy that Saraswati Dukhibandhaba People's Foundation, Bhubaneswar, have been able to provide me with patient's assistance in the time of need to take care of my old ailing bedridden mother, for the last three months. The service & care taken by their assistants, including the present one is highly satisfactory.
Mr. Chaturbhuja Mallick, Bhubanewar

Now for various reasons most of the senior citizens are being deprived of care when they are in acute need. But institutions like Sucheta Patient's Assistance Training Institute have come forward as hope of relief for the sufferings. Such institutes provide trained personnel to take care of the ailing/dying people. I had the pleasure to visit the institute and discuss on training programmes with trainees and management. During the period of training the trainees get the basic theoretical and practical exposure in basic nursing training. I have observed the service is adequate when I utilized their service for my ailing relation for more than six months. I have given certain suggestions to upgrade the standard and morals of the trainees. I congratulate them and wish the best in years to come.
Dr. Jhasketan Sahu, MS Director of Health Services ( Retd.),Govt of Odisha